Pleated insect screen MPH HARMONY


Pleated insect screen system MPH is a solution designed primarily to save space. This product is perfect for installation on patio doors and in balcony niches, where the width is up to 4 m.


The structure of the insect screen is made of extruded aluminum, which makes it durable
and resistant to weather conditions, additionally it can be painted on any color from the RAL palette. A characteristic feature of this product is the use of a special pleated net, which forms an accordion when closing and hides in the top profile. Thus, the mosquito net takes up little space, allowing for optimal use of the surface. Importantly, doesn’t affect the functionality of the door in any way, it also doesn’t limit the visibility outside. The advantage of Aluprof’s solution is the ability to separately adjust the tension of each strings leading the mosquito net, which guarantees its stable positioning.

Comfort of use

MPH system is characterized by an extremely smooth movement, which makes its use very easy and doen’t require a lot of effort. In addition, the structure of the insect screen allows you to keep it in any position. Advantage of this solution is also a low threshold, which doesn’t impede free passage in any way.

Utility values

Considered construction of the insect screen and properly selected materials provide effective protection against insects, with access to light and air. In addition, Harmony pleated insect screen has been designed to cooperate with the Aluprof roller shutter systems, which uses the PPMO 53 guideway.

Color palette

A large selection of colors in the standard palette enables meeting needs of the most demanding customers. Depending on the customer’s request, color coatings are made with following methods: powder coating and Decoral.

texts and photos: ALUPROF.EU


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