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Flush-mounted system SP-E



The SP-E flush-mounted system is intended for use primarily in newly created buildings, but also in existing buildings after necessary changes in the lintel area. An important issue is to plan of this type of solutions and their assembly method at the stage of building design, which allows for more effective use of their functional values. The SP-E system provides excellent thermal and acoustic insulation, because they don’t interfere with the structure of window, door and lintel, so not affecting the energy balance. What’s more, these products fit perfectly into the facade of building, being an integral part of it.

Roller shutters in the SP-E flush-mounted system by Aluprof was designed to ensure protection against heat loss. This was especially appreciated by the Passive House Institute in Darmstadt (PHI), which issued a recommendation for the boxes use with a size of 165 mm and smaller in passive buildings. Necessary condition is the correct installation in previously insulated lintel, in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. Moreover, the window joinery should meet the appropriate parameters, including the window’s heat transfer coefficient Uw is lower than 0.80 W / (m²K), while the Ug coefficient of glass don’t exceed 0.70 W / (m²K).


The roller shutter box is made of profiled aluminum sheet, and its front is also a base for any finishing material (e.g. plaster or clinker), thanks to which, the box becomes an imperceptible element of the building facade. Structural elements, i.e. the inspection cover (which is wider than in the SP system), guideways and the bottom rail, can be color-matched to the window joinery. As in the case of adaptation systems, the shutter curtain can be made of profiles filled with polyurethane foam, plastic and extruded. Roller shutters in flush-mounted systems can be equipped with an anti-insect net, which provides effective protection against bugs while maintaining the flow of light and fresh air inside.

Comfort of use

Depending on the users’ needs, the roller shutters can be controlled: manually, through an electric drive with a wall transmitter or a remote control, and also thanks to the use of intelligent control via a computer, tablet or smartphone.

Utility values

External roller shutters work more effectively than ordinary blinds, facade blinds or shutters, because thanks to their structure between the window surface and the armor, air cushion is created, which is an excellent insulator. They let to reduce energy costs throughout the year by up to 30%. External roller shutters contribute to the reduction of heat loss in winter, significantly improving the energy balance of the building. In summer, they effectively protect interior from excessive heating of the rooms by sun’s rays, therefore reducing the consumption of additional cooling devices.

Color palette

A large selection of colors in the standard palette of PA profiles allows meeting the needs of the most demanding customers. Wood-like colors are also available in the offer. Color coatings of extruded elements are made using the powder coating method, which ensures high quality and durability of the product and allows it to be painted in any color from RAL palette.

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