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HappySpace lamellar pergola

Pergola HappySpace is automatically controlled roofing of terraces, gardens and free areas of private posessions as well as catering and hotel facilities.

HappySpace is perfect solution for demanding and modern environment.

HappySpace pergola consists of extruded aluminum profiles and rotating slats. Arranged horizontally, they provide protection against rainfall. Tilted at any angle, let in required amount of light.

HappySpace with extreme dimensions has been adapted to snow loads up to 120 kg / m² with strong wind pressure. Free water drainage system integrated into structure let for comfortable use of pergola also during rain. Pergola equipped with integrated lighting, side glazing and heat radiators is an excellent all-year-round product.

Modern design and functionality

Rotating lamellas, controlled by remote control, provide high degree of optical comfort and provide natural ventilation. In closed position, slats are watertight, which, combined with water drainage system in constriuction and posts, allows to use garden or terrace regardless of weather.

HappySpace Pergola is made of the highest quality materials – aluminum and stainless steel. Selection of components guarantees high resistance to external factors, and thus durability and long-term, trouble-free use.

Simple pergola form fits requirements of modern architecture. System is offered in full colors from RAL palette, with gloss, mat or structure finish.

Special flower pots, which load the poles, allow pergola to bemounted without need for anchoring to the ground.

Do you need more privacy? With EasyZiiip roller blinds or with shutters you will feel intimately at home. No matter it’s night or day, the pergola creates additional space for spending free time. LED lamps installed in pergola will illuminate your terrace, garden or restaurant, and heat radiators and sliding glass panels will allow you to enjoy life outside, regardless of weather.


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