Pleated blinds

Pleated blinds are also frequently used under other names such as pleats or pleated shades. Thanks to the variety of forms and a wide range of solutions, they can be installed in almost all types of standard and roof windows, also in skylights and winter gardens. Possibility of making various forms, such as: triangles, trapeziums, semicircles or full circles, lets to cover and decorate various shapes of windows, both in modern and traditional construction joinery.

Pleated blinds are probably one of the most interesting sun protection systems in terms of functionality. Their advantage is not only elegant appearance, but also protection against sunlight and high temperature.

Pleated blinds, as a rule, are covered with a special coating, which don’t let heat into the apartment. They can work in any inclined plane, from vertical to horizontal. There are special pleated blinds for roof windows, enabling pleats installation, so that it adjoins the window.

Pleated blinds can be controlled manually, with a chain, line, a special handle or automatically – with a remote control or a key switch. A wide range of fabrics will meet all expectations in terms of both decorative and darkness degree.

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– A simple way to clean at home, according to manual attached to product (SEE MANUAL)
– Possibility to choose one of three handles, according to customer’s preferences
– Pleated blinds day/night (AB31, AB32, AB33, AB82), i.e. possibility of using two fabrics on one window. So you can use a transparent fabric for day, and blackout fabric for night with 100% blackout.
– Pleated blinds adheres directly to glass, so it don’t limit opening of window or balcony door


– High-quality fabrics are made of 100% polyester, with very good thermal and sun insulation parameters. A wide range of fabrics in form of traditional pleats and duo-pleats (fabric with a honeycomb cross-section)
– Variety of colors, patterns and structures
– Most of fabrics are covered on one side with a pearl coating, which additionally reflects the sun’s rays and prevents room from overheating
– You can choose fabrics with different light transmittance, e.g. gummed 100% blackout

All our fabrics are certified: Oko – Tex Standard 100


– Easy to assemble and disassemble
– Various mounting options: invasive and non-invasive
– Can be used for all types and shapes of windows, e.g. roof windows, plafonds, triangles, arches
– The most popular operation form of pleat is a handle mounted in the middle of profile. In some models it’s possible to cord’s control, with a self-locking mechanism. Another form of pleats operating can be an electric mechanism.
– Reliable self-locking mechanism lets to set pleated blind at any height
System that allows sliding both from the bottom and from the top, so we can cover any part of the window.



Aluminum profiles are available in 2 heights: 13mm and 19mm
A wide range of profile colors:
powder coated: white, beige, brown, anthracite, cream, golden oak, walnut
anodized: silver, black
veneers: golden oak, walnut, swamp oak, winchester, mahogany, white, cream, gray

“click-in” function – ensures stability, when using pleated blind


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